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We have a nice plane ride after the city of Edirne airport.




We have a nice plane ride after the city of Edirne airport. We went to the hotel in Edirn ephesus tours OldCity Peivat airport transfers. Firstly the hotel is very large and the rooms were spacious and had a very nice view of Edirne OldCity. Edirne OldCity consists of a two-storey house and the bay in front of the house is decorated with many beautiful flowers and trees. In addition, the city of Edirne is very wooded and forested were here many private picnic areas. Raw is unique to the city of Edirne Almond made with pan kebab restaurants that had shops selling sweets and desserts, and delight. Finally, the city of Edirne in the Ottoman Empire
made a special capital city. Sultan Murad 2nd time was the capital of the Edirne Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman state was established here in 1299 Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the 1453 final in Istanbul.

istanbul dinner cruise , bosphorus cruise I would be very close to the city of Edirne-n has the Maritsa river and a stone bridge over the Maritsa river made on time and very nice ottoman empire of. Maritsa river There is a very beautiful tea gardens and restaurants on the turkey tours coast. The symbol of the city and is the highest hill in the city of Edirne Selimiye Mosque there. First Selimiye Mosque a work of art which is very nice architecture. Sultan Selim made the name and place of Edirne is the largest and oldest building in the city. Edirne Selimiye Mosque There are made of a very large marble courtyard. There are 4 pieces of Selimiye mosque and the Dome of Minares. Manuscript in calligraphy and Selimiye mosque in Iznik pottery is decorated with various colors and patterns with the model. Finally built by Mimar Sinan and was built in seven years. Mimar Sinan Was also my masterpiece to the Selimiye Mosque.

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